Organizational Effectiveness Services

Our Core Services

To accomplish our mission of making leaders more effective and more effective leadership, we have developed four core Organizational Effectiveness Services.  We will work with you to determine the best service or services, as well as the best consultant or consultants, for your unique situation.


Governance Audits and Governance Reviews provide a valuable, candid, and well-documented assessment of your organization’s operational effectiveness, accompanied by recommendations for improvements.


Training / Coaching / Consulting allows us to provide one-on-one education, process implementation, and skills development.


We are revising our Certificate Programs in 2020. Certificate Programs are a compelling and practical way to build skills and increase engagement within your organization.


We frequently use Retreats as a way of disrupting an unproductive paradigm. Situating a group in a different environment and facilitating open communication leads to productive changes.

We communicate fluently in:

Nonprofit | Global Enterprise | Government | Cultural Customs | Military | Governance | Capacity Building | Corporate | Fundraising | Leadership | Accounting | Truth

Organizational Effectiveness Services - gears turning

Value and Impact from Our Engagements:

  • We help you prosper
  • Improved performance of organization
  • Board becomes more efficient and effective
  • Improved ability of CEO to get value from board
  • Clarified expectations of both board and CEO
  • Cultural health of organization improves by doing the right thing
  • Growth in capacity (fundraising) through stronger relationships with funders
  • Improved stakeholder trust and relationships
  • Improved board recruitment
  • Better matched board members
  • Boost public image
  • Align the organization’s life cycle with work of the board and operational structure
  • Strengthen leadership

We help organizations dealing with complex problems and human dynamics in a VUCA world.

VUCA = Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous