About Board Veritas


BOARD VERITAS exists to advance the effectiveness of boards and their leadership.


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Bona Fides


  • Accreditation including BoardSource CGT (Certified Governance Trainer – only 127 in the world), Standards of Excellence Consultant, and SMP (Strategic Management Professional).
  • Deep experience and intimate understanding of the issues that typically plague national and international non-profits.
  • Board members / leaders are typically from for-profit corporate world, and we speak their language too.
  • Satisfaction and appreciation is about among the large family of past clients (operating as Taylor Strategic Parternships).

Balanced Approach


  • Leadership coaching is informed by research and honed by practice.
  • Proven nonprofit governance theory fused with BoardSource research experience.
  • Cross-pollination: our clients benefit from the wisdom we’ve gained across a variety of industries.
  • Unique curriculum and approach designed to help turn pretense into productivity.

Perfected Process


  • Calculated administrators with a necessary degree of warmth and an overwhelming proclivity for cultural sensitivity.
  • Facing it head-on:
    • addressing the barnful of critical questions that aren’t being asked
    • we won’t contribute to the mediocrity by beating around the bush
  • Coaxing out critical issues requires finesse and tenacity.
  • Ensuring effective implementation of difficult endeavors requires an astute messenger.

The central challenge in leadership of nonprofits is that mediocrity is survivable.

- Herman "Dutch" Leonard
Harvard School of Business

Board Veritas - Our Story on typewriter


Founder and CEO Lisa Anne Thompson spent 15 years working successfully in the nonprofit world. During that time she became aware that many boards don’t effectively or responsibly use the funds they raise to truly have an impact. They often become engrossed with events, activities, and work that they think needs to be done, but they don’t evaluate or make decisions based on the impact that is actually being achieved. In other words, many organizations settle into being very busy without achieving anything; “surviving the mediocrity.”

With the goal of helping organizations overcome this problem by recognizing how to achieve greater impact, Lisa Anne launched Taylor Strategic Partnerships in 2010. The concept was to develop stronger boards, who would in turn lead better organizations, resulting in greater impact. Through a decade of executing that model, Lisa Anne broadened the company’s reach by surrounding herself with a dynamic team. Their spectrum of expertise, experience, and varying cultural familiarity positioned them not only to serve a broader range of organizations, but also to identify additional facets of the mediocrity hamster wheel.

Enter BOARD VERITAS. Veritas is truth. Our team has developed progressive methodologies for getting the truth about an organization’s culture on the table. Using that as the basis for productive communication, we collaborate to design the optimal strategies that will result in your organization making significant and lasting impact.
Truthful assessments. Honest dialog. Powerful solutions.

What does an engagement with BOARD VERITAS look like?

Identify needs / problems. Understand the impetus for the client's outreach.
Determine and implement optimal services and consultants.
Perform services, monitor effectiveness, adjust as needed.