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BOARD VERITAS exists to advance the effectiveness of boards and executive leadership.

Truthful Assessments. Honest dialogue. Powerful solutions.

Governance Audit & Review

Large, global or complex organizations have quite different governance needs than those of smaller ones.  Fortunately, BOARD VERITAS offers high-level comprehensive Governance Audit Services and less intensive Governance Review Services.

Training / Coaching / Consulting

We’ll give you the tools to become more effective decision makers, leaders, and change agents.  Our team of consultants is equipped with the expertise, experience, and emotional IQ to produce results in even the most challenging board / organizational environments.

What kinds of organizations benefit most from our services?

  • Wishing to scale their impact.
  • Preparing to grow capacity.
  • International with culturally diverse boards.
  • Legacy entities striving to create relevancy in the 21st Century.
  • Considering mergers or acquisitions.
  • Facing existential questions, such as whether to sunset.
  • Boards with challenging power dynamics.
  • Undergoing Succession planning or Founder transition.
  • Boards seeking to reinforce best practices.
  • Assess the effectiveness of their leadership.

Previously operating as Taylor Strategic Partnerships, we have helped boards of all shapes and sizes over the last decade.

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In the beginning, we start at the end.

What matters most is the result – the culminating effect of your governance team’s effectiveness and your team’s culture.

We direct the directors.

We share the shapers. We activate the activists. We serve the difference-makers and help them transcend mediocrity. We shun the status quo, because if you’re not rising, you’re sinking. You’re not getting ahead if you’re just getting by.

We change pretense to productivity.

We want you to stop going through the motions, and to start moving forward. We investigate the unasked questions, and identify the disparities between perceptions and realities.

Your organization flourishes only when leadership thrives.


Board Veritas CEO and Founder Lisa Anne Thompson has the distinct honor and privilege of presenting TWO sessions at this year’s BoardSource Leadership Forum!

UPDATE: The BoardSource Leadership Forum has been postponed due to COVID-19.

Please check back for new dates.

Not all board members are created equal. And it isn’t uncommon for a board to have at least one member that is a liability to the organization.
This lively and engaging presentation will highlight a dozen types of misbehaving directors; explore the legal, fiduciary, and good-governance principles they have violated; and advise on how an organization should handle these types of misdeeds…

As nonprofit boards begin to incorporate inclusion and equity into their governance practices, some may find that conventional systems of governance may not support these values; in fact, some of these systems may actually undermine inclusion and equity progress. What system(s) of governance might positively address systemic inequities? What approaches to governance sustain a high-functioning board and express authentic inclusion? This session…