Available as: 12 hours of coursework
Series of four (4) 2.5 hour Zoom Workshop Interactive Sessions

Location: Virtual or In-Person

This course is designed for volunteers that are eager to take their leadership and board participation (or candidacy) to the next level of performance. It is especially appropriate for individuals interested in understanding governance basics while also developing practical skills that will enable them to be more effective board leaders while partnering with organizational staff.

Certificate of Achievement, Board Veritas

Members who attend the certificate program will:

  • Discover tools and practices of exceptional boards and learn how to bring them into the
  • Learn habits and tools that foster a strong, positive organizational culture
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of key governance principles that distinguish exceptional boards
  • Cultivate shared understanding and appreciation that fosters mutual accountability and engagement around exceptional board practices
  • Harness the Board’s role in strategic planning and how partner with the chief executive
  • Learn to differentiate managing versus leading, a key component to successful boards
  • Understand the tenets of persuasive communication to become stronger advocates
  • Identify leadership habits you can develop to increase your ability to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute to organizational success
  • Discover how board members can effectively engage in fundraising

Each participant will receive Board Veritas’s Certificate of Nonprofit Board Leadership | Becoming an Agent of Impact after satisfactorily attending all training series.

Popular Additional Sessions:

  • Human Capital Management
  • ESG (Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance) for corporations
  • DEI Principles

What are our students saying?

  This is a great course for people trying to become a board member or looking to improve on being an effective board member.  

- C. Sichak

  The course covered a lot of the topics and information that is perfect for anyone looking to join a board for the first time or for fresh ideas. The course was absolutely fantastic and one I would recommend for all nonprofit boards to consider.  

- C. Cyran