Spirited Discourse

BOARD VERITAS invites you to an invigorating Governance Masterclass.

Get your synapses firing, listen to fascinating case studies, and learn innovative approaches to the perennial challenges faced by organizations. Meet and mingle with your colleagues serving on other boards and leading other organizations. Peer learning is always useful and there will be ample time for conversation and idea-swapping. In addition to the specific topics addressed by our speakers, participants will learn practices that help to maximize the performance of your boards, and ensure that the time board and staff spend working together is productive and worthwhile.

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Highlights from Spirited Discourse May 2019


Patrick Gage, Spirited Discourse, Board Veritas

Philanthropist, Anti-Slavery Activist, Millennial Thought Leader

Gunilla Girardo, Spirited Discourse, Board Veritas

Speaker, International Business Development, Executive Recruiter, Mentor

Bill Klimon, Spirited Discourse, Board Veritas

Head of the Corporate Law practice at the Washington, D.C. law firm Caplin & Drysdale | Chairman of the Nonprofit Organizations Committee of the American Bar Association

Matt Stover, Spirited Discourse, Board Veritas

Former NFL Player and Super Bowl Champion,
Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder Stover Family Foundation Fund Advisor


Millennials Around the Boardroom Table

Patrick has been a front-line activist and represented his cohort of engaged and resourced Millennials to world leaders to great effect. Our discussion today is beyond asking Millennials to help run a social media campaign (don’t!). Patrick will discuss the role of this cohort in the philanthropic sector and how organizations and movements can more meaningfully engage them in the cause and around the boardroom table.

Pitch Perfect Value Propositions for Corporate Partners

Insights and practices that she implemented as CEO, with the board focused directly and successfully on the growth of corporate partnerships. Gunilla will talk about her journey with two international organizations, Mentor Foundation USA, founded by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden and the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce.
Participants will gain a deeper understanding of: what a compelling 21st Century value proposition looks like for corporate partnerships, harnessing board talent to secure and steward these relationships, and what went right … and (importantly!) what went wrong in Gunilla’s journey.

Managing Difficult, Disruptive and Risky Board Behaviors

How often have boards with good intentions been rendered ineffective through dysfunctional boardroom dynamics? What about when one director simply won’t play by the rules and conflicts of interest persist? Or how about dealing with a potent ‘board within a board’? Perhaps you have a Founder who’s leading the organization down a destructive path?

Top Tips for Successful Collaborations with Athletes

Matt has dedicated his time and resources to community, business, and philanthropic development, launching several successful businesses and nonprofits such as the Baltimore-based Players Philanthropy Fund. Matt will share his insight and recommendations on how to successfully collaborate with athletes to engage them in and around the boardroom.