Increasing Financial Acumen of Directors

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Webinar, Workshop, Retreat Session, and Coaching

How Do You Look From The Outside In?

You want to be on the right side of compliance. Whether the organization is a C3, C6 or any classification, nonprofits can have complex financial systems and diverse business models.  Periodic review of financial policies, board and staff protocols and alignment between strategy and practice ensures accurate and credible financial reporting.

  • Are you communicating strength and stability through your financials?
  • Can potential funders clearly understand your funding situation including your Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Activities, Statement of Cash Flow and Statement of Functional Expenses?
  • Is the board fulfilling its role as a fiduciary and steward of the organization’s resources?
  • Are you inadvertently raising a false red flag?

True, Correct and Complete Financials

Nonprofit record keeping can be a challenge, so it’s vital to equip yourself with knowledgeable professionals to help record transactions efficiently and to ensure your financials are true, correct and complete.

The IRS 990

Over a million nonprofits file the IRS 990 annually, but many fail to understand the significance of the information contained nor the board’s responsibility to review the 990 – to approve and fulfill their fiduciary duty of care.

Our goal is to help all board members navigating through and understanding their organization’s 990.  This is particularly helpful for international board members and those without a finance background.