Throw out Roberts Rules of Order

Most governing boards don’t need to follow elaborate parliamentary procedures (like Robert’s Rules) because they’re designed for large representative bodies with majority or minority parties with interests and, therefore, require elaborate procedures to ensure fair treatment for the minority.

Most nonprofit boards are collegial and consensus-based bodies with no need for complex rules that can be gamed by experts.

Productive, memorable sessions that are a pleasure to attend! Board retreats provide the perfect setting for Equity of Voice and allow directors a suitable environment to address Difficult Conversations.

Reasons For A Customized Retreat

  • Focus on an important matter
  • Privacy for addressing sensitive issues
  • Provide a healthy environment to facilitate difficult conversations
  • Reward directors and staff for a job well done
  • Strategic planning or Strategic Doing
  • Accommodating attendees abilities and disabilities
  • Ensuring adequate preparation for international directors; assist with overcoming potential language or cultural obstacles to ensure all directors are equally well-prepared and engaged.

Taking Your Board Retreat to the Next Level

The purpose of a customized retreat is to take you out of the ordinary doldrums of a conference room and spend time together where board input has the highest value-add. In consultation with the Board Chair and CEO, we craft your board experience in nature, a resort or even a board member’s home to foster a sense of unity and time well spent.  We help you optimize the setting and environment to remove distractions while unleashing your creativity, problem solving and focus.

Preparing for Your Retreat

1. Consultation and scope review

2. Identify purpose, preferences, and outcomes to craft a customized agenda

3. Recommend appropriate survey, assessment, reading or pre-work

4. Assign retreat leadership roles and attend to details (location, facility, technology, presentation and engaging activities)

5. Facilitation and on-site retreat support

6. Debrief and report back on identified outcomes