Since 2017, NFRC has benefited from the expertise and guidance of Lisa Anne Taylor and her colleagues. What started as a simple request for information about board governance best practices has evolved into an ongoing partnership with Lisa Anne and her team members Elliott, Linda, Michelle, Chris and Michael. Board Veritas has been instrumental in assisting me, as CEO, with board education/development, an examination of board functioning which resulted in a revamping of our board composition, and the very hands-on training of our volunteer leadership – extending from our board chair down to NFRC members.

Board Veritas provided the framework for our 5 year strategic plan. Lisa and her team facilitated working sessions with our board and senior staff, and assisted with moving the plan from theory and into practice. Lisa Anne is adept at providing a compelling case for good governance practices – which many non-profit boards find easy to ignore in a climate of competition and emergent issues. I found that bringing my board back to the concept of good governance actually equipped them with the know-how to tackle the big issues. Vision and strategy are fundamental expectations of any well functioning board, and NFRC’s has benefited mightily by the training received from Board Veritas.