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Most board-led organizations are not reaching their potential.  This usually results from some kind of disconnect between their mission / vision, their strategies / specific plans, and their organizational structure.

Put simply, there’s a gap between what they want to be and what they are doing.

In some cases, there is not a dysfunctional gap, but rather a desire to move from “good” to “great.”  In most cases, however, we find that either governance, strategy, or communication that is poorly structured, interpersonal conflicts, or other dysfunctional factors are responsible for the organization’s failure to achieve their desired outcomes.

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Where assessment ends, action begins

Consultants are often regarded as having the role of identifying problems and opportunities, and then making recommendations to address them. In that scenario, the consultant’s job is then complete, and the organization is left to implement any solutions of their choosing on their own. When it comes to things like governance, quality of leadership, complex personal dynamics, and operational culture, most organizations are only going to able to make a very small amount of meaningful change without outside guidance.

For that majority of organizations who will need additional assistance to adopt and implement effectual practices, Board Veritas is available to concatenate our consulting with training and coaching. We can shepherd new procedures, approaches, benchmarks, and more to individuals and groups within your organization (ie. managers, directors, committees, the collective board) to ensure optimal, long-term integration. With sustained execution of strategies that were devised uniquely for your organization, and with the right people performing productively in appropriate roles by design, your organization will be positioned to achieve its greatest impact.

The BOARD VERITAS difference

Certainly, the Board Veritas team brings scientific best practices, experience-based strategies, and extensive skills to each engagement. What makes us unique is our ability to tactfully bring the things that often go unspoken to the surface.  Many organizations have extremely difficult underlying issues that – for reasons that may be political, cultural, or personal – remain buried and unaddressed.

Quite often, these are the issues that hold an organization back.  Our diverse and sophisticated team can help your organization productively and sensitively address such issues, and integrate related solutions into a new culture of performance and communication for your organization.

Some of the challenges we often help organizations address include:

  • Implicit bias
  • Disengaged board
  • Over-involved directors (can't let go)
  • Board behavior changes needed
  • Building trust: the Board-Staff partnership
  • From chaos to order
  • Organizational life-cycle alignment
  • Building capacity and shifting business model
  • Delegation of authority
  • Inexperienced leadership


Our training / coaching / consulting services are coordinated based on the needs of your organization.  Depending on the scope of an engagement, we work with clients on-site, by phone, and / or by video conference.  We may be engaged for more discrete shorter-term projects, for more sophisticated longer-term projects, and we are also able to provide ongoing support as needed after such projects.