Develop Your Pathway To Successful Fundraising

Available as a Webinar, Workshop, Retreat Session and Coaching

Fundraising is feared and revered as boards grapple with their role of ensuring necessary resources for their institution.  We help boards take the fear out of raising resources and, instead, focus on their ability to develop and harness relationships.

Working with Board Veritas does not require a big budget nor does it monopolize your stakeholder’s valuable time with traditional best practices that don’t “quite fit” your business model.  At Board Veritas we are committed to integrating training and practices with your board, leadership or fundraising professional and:

  1. Identify your institution’s value proposition
  2. Develop messaging to create compelling case statements for a variety of audiences
  3. Review your fundraising strategy for 2021 and beyond
  4. Evaluate whether your business model aligns with financial goals